​Originally from Burin, Colin Hollett burst onto the St. John’s comedy scene in 2009, winning that city’s Great Canadian Laugh Off with his first time ever on stage. From there, he quickly became a feature on the local comedy circuit, with his high-energy, almost manic stage presence and down-to-earth humor making him an immediate crowd favorite. 

    Colin has toured Atlantic Canada, along with performing in Ontario and New York. Appeared on Newfoundland's local station NTV and is regularly aired across the country with already making 4 appearances on CTV during Prime Time in 2014. He has performed at the St. John’s Comedy Festival and has been featured in the Frosty, Burin Day, Salmon, and Mussel Bed Soiree festivals. Also he was invited to perform with Newfoundland Legends Shaun Majumder & Mark Critch in "The Gathering" Festival.

   He continues to build his web presence through a terrific social media following, that was boosted in early 2014 as one of his online videos went viral through out North America and another received the most votes in Canada for the Russell Peters Best Funny Five Competition on for Sirius Satellite Radio.

    Colin continues to tour and perform, loving the energy of the road and the chance to get out and connect with fans. “I just really like making people laugh,” he says. “It’s the best feeling in the world, making a stranger laugh. You've actually used a joke to make someone happy, even if it's just for a second. So anytime anyone wants to say ‘hi’ to me after a show or find me online, I’m more than happy from their gesture.” Normally, this would be hard to believe, but seeing Colin in action makes it clear: What you see is always what you get.​

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