The Montreal Canadians held an open practice yesterday morning with an astounding 17,000+ people in attendance. The vibe was great, the people were happy and the players were reminded about their love for the game during a horrible down slide to a season that started with so much promise. 

Unfortunately, the day that seemed much needed and appreciated by both the people and the players came to a frightening halt, when star player and fan favorite P.K. Subban threw a puck at a 1 month old child after a week of trade rumors hinting that he has been the main reason to their latest struggles. 

"Honestly, these trade rumors lately have been so stupid." said a frustrated Subban. "I've given my heart & soul off and on the ice to this team & city since day 1 and yet I still feel like I never get the respect I deserve. I can't stand it when you all talk like that. I tried to give everyone a friendly heads up this summer when I donated 10 Million to the children's hospital but it seems like no one got the hint or message. I was really hoping it wasn't going to have to come to this today. I mean the writing was literally on the hospital walls."

When asked what he meant he quickly replied with, "keep trying to push me out of this city and I'll put your kids in the hospital!"

The room was quickly filled with very intense and awkward silence before he spoke again saying,

"The writing has been on the wall!! My name is right on the hospital wall! I don't even have kids that I know about! Why else would I do that? I thought the message was pretty clear but obviously it wasn't and I needed to send a more direct message. How many times do I need to tell people that I want to be a Montreal Canadian for the rest of my career?! I swear that ever since I got here it's like I've been a mix of Rodney Dangerfield and MuGatu.

Subban went on to say,

"I hope the kid is okay. I really do. But I also hope the message is clear now. I'm not going anywhere and if you suggest otherwise - well you don't want to know what will happen next."

​Subban knocks out innocent child after "stupid" trade rumors.